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This is the first chapter fully written and illustrated by Jheremy Raapack creator of ' TALES OF THE VAGRANT DRAGON ' - bestselling artist of " INJUSTICE GOD AMONG US ' - worked for years at DC comics, Marvel and European publishers. And Now, bringing his first authorial project to the world.

Tales of the Vagrant Dragon is a Dark fantasy Story - And you will follow the journey wandering knight 'Raphael Belthran' through unknown and cursed lands in search of a powerful artifact - but the path will show his unexpected adversities and choices -this chapter brings all the elements - Monster - Witches and Fight - with wonderful and Epic landscapes.

This is the first chapter of this mini series in 12 issues - The art, in B/W, shows us an enormous beauty and skill with epic pinches in a totally enigmatic world - an art rich in details that does not hesitate to acquire darker and more peculiar tones as the story unfolds, a title that promises EPIC ADVENTURES with an incredible Art and with great visual impact.

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